Butter Chicken

For my __th birthday, friends of mine arranged for a real life Indian woman to visit our house and cook some curries with me. Many, many years ago, I was assured by our long lost friend Indian Dave that I would love Butter Chicken, but had never yet tried it. This happened to be one […]

Lemon Chicken

I’ve always wanted to unravel the mysteries of takeaway dishes, then I’d be able to not only make my own at home, but also control the amount of sugar, oil and salt included. One of the first I attempted was this. Fellow photographer Katie has acted as a willing test subject, and later, main consumer […]


Before I give you curry recipes (which to be honest, is why you’re here), I want you kids to be able to make decent rice. Only one person I’ve met seems to be able to make good rice, and that was the person who taught me all those years ago, silly illustrator Tom Plant. I’ve […]