Every recipe I do, unless mentioned, is a portion for one. This makes sense when trying a new recipe for yourself, and also makes it simpler to calculate quantities when cooking for more than one.

I always struggle to read passages of writing while cooking something new, with this in mind I have only included necessary information in the recipe section to make things as clear as possible.

I am never frivolous, all of my cooking is consciously economical to a degree.

I am never wasteful, and will try to offer suggestions on looking after or using your remaining ingredients.

I do not estimate how long you take to make food, only you know that.

I’m not sure how good my oven is, and I’m not sure how good your oven is. It’s likely you’ll need to try adjusting cooking times and temperatures a little when learning your oven.

After moving house year upon year, I’ve attempted to limit the amount of kitchen tools I bring with me, therefore most recipes will be achievable with only basic equipment necessary.

Low fat is not a factor in my diet; I try to avoid associating some foods as good and some as bad and believe that overall, real rather than processed / packaged food is the more important aspect. Why not love all food equally? You may find yourself indulging with a food that is actually good for you.

Check my food feed on the right to see what I’m eating!


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