Guacamole is lush. It will probably only last a few days, but it’s nice enough to have every day. Just don’t forget about it, and don’t blend it like the supermarket junk…

Avocados are sometimes sold rock hard (especially in supermarkets), if there isn’t a ripe option, leave them in a bowl with other fruit and vegetables for a few days. To really accelerate their progress, confine them in cloth or a paper bag with bananas. Fruit releases a hormone during the ripening process called ethylene. This triggers or accelerates ripening in other fruit and vegetables, and bananas give off more in comparison to many other fruit. Placing them in a bag together will subject them to a prolonged dose!

A spare piece of onion can be wrapped in foil and will last for ages in the fridge. Just cover the section that has been cut and exposed.

Don’t put your tomatoes in the fridge! The flavour will leave… They would last longer in the fridge, but you’ll just have to get used to using them up in the week if you want to save the taste. Cut the tomato down the middle next to the point where the stalk connects. leave this piece as the remaining half, because when you come to use the tomato again, the exposed flesh will have dried. You will need to cut out the stalk point anyway, so cutting off this slice will not be wasteful.

Cut what you need from a lemon or lime, and the remaining piece will seal itself over. You only need to slice off a thin layer to reveal the still fresh fruit when you come to use it again.

Read about my principles.


1 Avocado (save some for later)

1/6 Red onion

–          Mash together in a bowl, a spoon will do.

Pinch of salt

Pinch of black pepper

¼ Pickled jalapeno

½ Tomato

Remaining diced avocado

1/6 Lemon / lime juice

–          Stir in.

Transfer to a bowl that fits in the fridge and cover it!

See ya,



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